T&C Aids Awareness

Turks & Caicos Aids Awareness Foundation

Stan Hartling is an honorary member and active fundraiser for the Turks & Caicos AIDS Awareness Foundation (TCAAF). TCAAF, established on World AIDS Day on December 1, 2003, is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS through educational programs and fundraising events.

Working to Create an Informed and Safer Community

The mission of TCAAF is to use education and awareness events to elevate the understanding of HIV/AIDS, its causes and prevention, to prevent the spread of misconceptions and related stigmas, and to support lifestyle and behavioral changes required to combat the disease.

"TCAAF is critical because there is no organization or cause that can have the ability to save a life than this organization," says Stan Hartling. "The dollars invested into this cause can have more potential impact on a life and a community than any other organization."

Funds raised through events such as the 2006 CHARITY HORSERACING NIGHT are donated to a number of local charities such as the HIV/AIDS Orphan Fund and the AIDS Hospice, and also used to create peer led awareness groups in local schools.

Other fundraising goals include building a Youth Centre on the island to be used for educational meetings and as a safe gathering place for youth.

The Hartling Group is proud to support the work of TCAAF and believes that fostering an informed community is the first step to combating the devastation of HIV/AIDS.